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Our Process

A Personalized Approach

Uncovering your specific risk profile, to provide you with the proper insurance advice.

We want to learn as much as we can about your business. We want to understand and point out the exposures you might have and to make sure you are properly covered for those exposures. Every client is different and therefore this information gathering will also allow us to properly advise you on steps you can take with your business to minimize losses.

We’ll take a risk management approach and advise you on loss control implementation, transferring risk via contracts and safety guidelines. Having gathered the information about your business, we’ll put a narrative together to go along with our applications to the insurance companies. This will help the underwriters understand your business and properly underwrite your account. We will also want to review your “loss run” reports or loss history with you. We will look at each loss and ask for more information on what happened and more importantly what changes were made in the business to make sure that loss does not occur again.

With our submission ready with the above information, we will submit the applications to various different insurance carriers. We will review every quote received and compare them for you. We will complete a proposal and present our findings and recommend the best insurance program for your business.

Once policies are bound, we will issue binders or certificates of insurance as proof of coverage until the policies are received from the insurance companies. We will review the policies for accuracy and then deliver them to you. Our goal at renewal time is to review any changes that might have occurred during the year and send your applications out to market at least 90 days in advance.

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